From idea to reality - important cornerstones on the way to the (nano)market

By Susanne Resch Research Scientist at BNN, Andreas Falk CEO of BNN, Nazende Günday-Türeli Scientific Coordinator at MyBiotech GmbH

Two important concepts will be introduced: Safety-and-Sustainability-by-design - a cornerstone for sustainable innovation by Susanne Resch, BNN (BioNanoNet ForschungsGmbH), Austria and Open innovation test beds - their role on the way to the market by two existing infrastructures: - PHOENIX - Pharmaceutical Open Innovation Test Bed for Enabling Nano-pharmaceutical Innovative Products (10 minutes) Scientific Coordinator Dr. Nazende Günday-Türeli, MyBiotech GmbH, Germany - NextGenMicrofluidics - Next generation test bed for upscaling of microfluidic devices based on nano-enabled surfaces and membranes (10 minutes) Scientific Coordinator Dr. Martin Smolka, JOANNEUM RESEARCH ForschungsGmbH, Austria It will be followed by the panel discussion moderated by Andreas Falk, CEO of BNN.