Prof. Alicja Ratuszna

The August Chelkowski Institute of Physics, University of Silesia

Prof. Alicja Ratuszna

The August Chelkowski Institute of Physics, University of Silesia


Full professor at The August Chelkowski Institute, University of Silesia


2012 – 2016 Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry
1999 – 2005 Vice-dean for student affairs at the Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry
2000 – 2016 Chief of the Department of Solid State Physics in Institute of Physics.

Research interests:

1. The main researches were focus on the structural and dynamic studies using X – ray neutron diffraction and Raman scattering in perovskite materials.
2. Since 1999 the studies of the new photosensitizers applied in the photodynamic tumor therapy: synthesis, physical characterizations, biological tests on cancer cells, in vitro and in vivo studies.
3. Studies of the nanomaterials such liposomes, CNT, nanoparticles applied as a drug carriers to tissues

Grants and projects:

1. Ministry of the Sciences and Higher Education grant – R05 043 03, University of Silesia (2008 – 2010), Elaboration of synthesis technology and pharmaceutical form of novel potential photosensitizing drugs with particular therapeutic and societal valors 1.4 mln zł (leader),
2. Operating Programme EU, priority IV High Education, – action 4.1.1 „“Enhanced of the education potential of the High School” project UPGOW – Uniwersytet Partnerem Gospodarki Opartej na Wiedzy, – UDA-POKL.04.01.01-00-215/08-00
(2008 – 2014) 44 mln zł (main leader),
3. Grant promotorski – N N405 068440. The new iron chelators for cancer therapy (2011 – 2013 ) (leader),
4. Operating Program EU Innovation of the Economy (2007 – 2013, creation the new scientific labs – 10.8 mln zł), priority 2 – Silesian BIO-FARMA Centre of Biotechnology, Bioengineering and Bioinformatics (leader of the project in the part realized by University of Silesia),
5. Operating Program EU Infrastructure and Environment priority axis XIII (2008 – 2012) – Silesian Centre for Education and Interdisciplinary Research (one of the coordinator of the project). cost: 65 mln zł,
6. Operating Program EU Infrastructure and Environment priority axis XIII (2012 – 2015) – Centre of Applied Sciences II part of Silesian Centre for Education and Interdisciplinary Research (one of the coordinator of the project). cost: 36 mln zł.

Leader of the specialization on the Physics master studies “Nanophysics and mesoscopic materials – modeling and applications” realized as a common Polish – French master studies, with the University of Maine, France. Co-author of the new studies “Biophysics”,

The member of the polish and international organizations:

  • International Union of Crystallography member, since 1976
  • International Centre of Diffraction Data (elected member ICCD), since 1997
  • Polish Crystal Growth Society (member), 2000
  • European Society of Photodynamic Therapy od 2008
  • Member of Nanonet Foundation (Poland) 2011


Co-author or author about 100 publications in international referred journals
Number of citations > 840, Impact Factor = 19