Posters Admission

Poster session                                       

Poster session will take place on both days of the conference and will be available to all participants of InterNanoPoland.

This year, the poster session will take the form of a short presentation (max. 5 slides .ppt or .pptx). Scientific committee will evaluate the posters. Best projects will be awarded and published in conference proceedings.

The topic of the poster session: Research and technologies aimed at the development of nanotechnological

Deadline for sending the abstract and presentation: 01.04.2021.

Scientific committee: Dr hab. inż. Tomasz Tański, Prof. PŚ; Prof. Mirosław Miller; Dr inż. Andrzej Czulak

Participants interested in poster presentation should fill and send following abstract:

Abstracts template

Abstracts template

How to upload poster?

1. Prepare presentation (max. 5 slides) in Google Slides app.

2. Click “Share” (in the upper right corner). In opened tab in sharing options, allow every person with link to download your presentation.

4. Copy and send link to us at

(Please check if sharing option works correctly. Open new incognito tab and paste link to your presentation. If the document opens – it works! If it does not, please repeat the above steps).

Post-Conference proceedings                                         

Special issues available for publication:

1. Structure and Properties of Crystalline and Amorphous Alloys (Materials, Impact Factor: 3.057, deadline for manuscript submission: 31.09.2021)

2. Recent Advances in Dye-Sensitized and Perovskite Solar Cells (Molecules, Impact Factor: 3.267, deadline for manuscript submission: 31.05.2021)

3. Advances in Amorphous and Nanocrystalline Magnetic Materials (Magnetochemistry, Impact Factor: 1.947, deadline for manuscript submission: 31.06.2021)

4. Electron Microscopy for Understanding of the Relationship between the Structure, the Properties and the Functions of Metals, Semiconductors, Ceramics, Carbon Materials, Composites and Coatings (Materials, Impact Factor: 3.057, deadline for manuscript submission: 1.07.2021)

5. Recent Advance in Thin Films Deposited by Vacuum Methods for Optics, Electronics and Medicine (Coatings, Impact Factor: 2.436, deadline for manuscript submission: 20.05.2021)

6. Current trends in Materials Research: material properties, microscopic and morphological characterization (Solid State Phenomena, ISSN: 1662-9779)

For more information about manuscript submission and price, please contact