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  • Day 1

    11th October 2023

  • Day 2

    12th October 2023

  • Progressing climate changes and environmental degradation have a direct impact on the shape of the current energy economy. The increase in CO2 emissions forces the reduction of the use of traditional fossil fuels in favor of renewable energy sources, which have now attracted the attention of the whole world. Various economy segments the have been involved in the area of sustainable progress in the development of the energy sector, taking into account the full supply chain of electricity processing and storage technologies, hydrogen technologies, technologies for heating and generation sources. Nanotechnology offers prospects for improving energy efficiency in all industrial sectors. It has an economic impact on the production of renewable energy through the use of innovative technological approaches and improved production technologies. The use of Nanotechnology applied in the field of energy results in a number of commercial products, including: lithium-ion batteries, fuel cells, light-emitting diodes (LEDs), ultracapacitors, energy storage and solar cells. Additionally, Nanotechnology is being used to develop new improved oil recovery techniques that can improve oil extraction efficiency. Moreover, Nanotechnology is being used to develop new, energy-efficient materials such as nanocomposites that can be used in insulation, and allows to increase energy efficiency in all branches of industry and the economic use of renewable energy production through new technological solutions and optimized production technologies. Nanotechnology innovations can affect every part of the value added chain in the energy sector.
    Scientific panel

  • This represents an extensive overview of challenges and prospects related to nanotechnology in the water, carbon, and hydrogen sectors, showcasing the potential of these innovations for economic and ecological future. It provides exhaustive discussions on the challenges, benefits, and potential of carbon nanotechnology in the water, carbon, and hydrogen sectors, opening the doors for further exploration and innovation in these fields.
    Business Panel

  • A list of projects that qualified for the grand finale of the "3W Nano Startup Challenge" 🔸 ECG T-shirt with nanotextronic carbon nanotube coating for long-term Holter-type electrocardiography 🔸 NGCH – Low pressure heat generator from hydrogen 🔸 Nanosci – photocatalytic materials to save Earth 🔸 SpheroNano – the world-first platform for polymer powders spheroidization and properties tailoring 🔸 Hybrid technology for purification of hydrogen to automotive quality 🔸 HydroHub 🔸 Rubber roofing 🔸 HIPERH2 🔸SEAWEED FOAM 🔸 Innovative biomethane plant 🔸 Diamond traceability technology Each representative qualified for the final will have a total of 10 minutes to present their project – 5 minutes for a short pitch and 5 minutes to answer questions from the jury. Speaking of the jury, it is worth mentioning that they are experienced business practitioners, experts and representatives of business environment institutions who will carefully evaluate your ideas.
    Business Panel