Congratulations to all participants for your commitment and effort!

🥇 First place and prize of PLN 30,000 – ECG T-shirt with carbon nanotube nanotextronics
🥈 Second place and a prize of PLN 20,000 – HydroHub
🥉 Third place and a prize of PLN 10,000 – HIPERH2

Your projects are real gems of innovation that not only delight, but also have the potential to revolutionize the 3D world!

A list of projects that qualified for the grand finale of the "3W Nano Startup Challenge"

ECG T-shirt with nanotextronic carbon nanotube coating for long-term Holter-type electrocardiography
NGCH – Low pressure heat generator from hydrogen
Nanosci – photocatalytic materials to save Earth
SpheroNano – the world-first platform for polymer powders spheroidization and properties tailoring
Hybrid technology for purification of hydrogen to automotive quality
Rubber roofing
Innovative biomethane plant
Diamond traceability technology

Congratulations to all teams and good luck! Now it’s time for even more excitement, because the final of the competition will take place as part of the InterNanoPoland 2023 conference, on October 11 at 3:15 p.m.

Each representative qualified for the final will have a total of 10 minutes to present their project – 5 minutes for a short pitch and 5 minutes to answer questions from the jury. Speaking of the jury, it is worth mentioning that they are experienced business practitioners, experts and representatives of business environment institutions who will carefully evaluate your ideas.

The call for applications has ended. Information on the selection of the ten start-ups / project will be published on the competition website, on the Organiser's social media channels and by email in 1 October 2023.

Changing the rules of the competition and updating the schedule - 1.09.2023. Opportunity to apply for research teams and extended recruitment deadline until September 20, 2023

Foundation of Nanotechnology and Nanoscience Support NANONET along with Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego and Idea 3W, invite you to take part in the “3W nano START-UP CHALLENGE” competition.

The aim of the 3W nano START-UP CHALLENGE

The competition aims to identify the best entities implementing start-up ventures and to promote the Nanonet Foundation as an organisation friendly to building a start-up ecosystem and supporting innovation.

REGULATIONS of the "3W Nano Start-up Challenge" - update 1.09.2023

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Application Form - update 1.09.2023

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Participation in the 3W Nano Start-up Challenge

Start-ups/ SMEs present on the market for no longer than 5 years and research teams composed of natural persons operating within the structures of scientific and research units from the Central and Eastern European region.

Thematic areas of the 3W nano START-UP CHALLENGE

Projects in the following areas should be submitted to the Competition:

– greentech (technology whose use is intended to mitigate or reverse the effects of human activity on the environment)
– cleantech (products or services that work to improve the long-term health of the environment)
– nanotech (technologies and products using nanomaterials and nanoscale phenomena to improve the quality of social life).

In particular, those working on technologies, services or topics related to:

– carbon (in the sense of the element, e.g. graphene, fullerenes, nanotubes, activated carbon)
– water
– hydrogen


Main prizes

  • for first place, the Winner shall be awarded a cash prize of PLN 30,000 (in words: thirty thousand zlotys) or in the case of research teams, the equivalent of the prize in the services listed in the Catalog of Services (Appendix 2)
  • for the second place, the Winner shall be awarded a cash prize of PLN 20,000 (say: twenty thousand Polish Zlotys) or in the case of research teams, the equivalent of the prize in the services listed in the Catalog of Services (Appendix 2)
  • for third place, the Winner will receive a cash prize of PLN 10,000 (say: ten thousand zlotys) or in the case of research teams, the equivalent of the prize in the services listed in the Catalog of Services (Appendix 2)

The winners will have the opportunity to have a coaching/mentoring session with a selected member of the Jury within six weeks of the announcement of the results of the Competition.

Cash prizes will be awarded to projects submitted by start-ups and SMEs. Due to the lack of formalized activity, the research teams will be awarded a prize in the form of services selected by the winners with an equivalent value of the cash prize. The proposed services are collected in the Services Catalog constituting Appendix 2 to the Regulations. The individual scope of support in the form of services will be agreed with each winner independently.

Competition Partner’s Special Award

  • The Competition Partner allows for the possibility of selecting up to 5 start-ups from among those evaluated by the ICI 3W Experts and awarding a Special Prize in the form of including the projects in the validation process. The selection of projects for the Special Award will take into account start-ups registered in Poland.
  • Information on the selection of the Special Award winners will be sent directly by e-mail. The official presentation of the Special Award will take place on the first day of the InterNanoPoland 2023 conference (11.10.2023) in Katowice, Poland.

Additional Prize

The finalists of Stage III and the winners of the Special Prize will receive an invitation to participate in the 3rd 3W Congress organised by the competition partner Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego, Idea 3W, on 27 – 28 November 2023 in Warsaw. The cost of participation in the event (entrance ticket) will be covered in full by the Competition Partner.


If you have any questions about 3W nano START-UP CHALLENGE please email us - startup@nanonet.pl; +48 883 777 709; +48 787 305 997


Foundation of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Support NANONET

Foundation for Support Nanoscience and Nanotechnology has been established in 2006 and has main headquarters in Katowice, Poland. Its main statutory task is to promote modern entrepreneurship based on nanotechnology solutions and disseminate research results in this rapidly growing discipline of science. The Foundation is part of Polish Committee for Standarization for Nanotechnology and Innovation. It has established numerous contact in Poland and abroad and has become a leading medium of information related to broadly understood nanotechnology. We cooperate with experts in various fields. The advisory body of the Foundation is the Scientific Council made up of specialists from across Poland who deal with Key Enabling Technologies (which have a very significant impact on the competitiveness of the European economy). We cooperate with the owners and chairmen of numerous technology companies, as well as nanobiotechnology and technology parks.
Our team is constantly supported by lawyers, ethicists, politicians, investors, patent attorneys, and experts on fund raising.

Silesian Nano Cluster, Key National Cluster

The Nanonet Foundation is the coordinator of Silesian Nano Cluster – a think-tank and network of companies and institutions operating in the area of nanotechnology, material engineering and advanced manufacturing. There are over 80 companies and research institutions which are the members of the Cluster. One of the main tasks of the Cluster is to develop lasting collaboration between the scientific and business sectors, enabling the implementation of joint research and development projects and the effective transfer and commercialization of their results in the business context.


Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego

We are a Polish development bank – the only institution of this type in Poland. Our mission is to support sustainable social and economic growth of our country. In 2025 we want to be the leader in creating and implementing programmes that enhance stable and competitive economy, supported by strong social capital.

We respond to major development challenges in key areas of economy, we cooperate with the market and stabilize it, and also adjust our activities to emerging needs, trends and market challenges through BGK strategy pillars and programmes.

We initiate and develop cooperation between business, public sector and financial institutions to counter the negative effects of the cyclicality of the economy. We support the development of Polish industry and its competitiveness, finance the largest infrastructural investment projects, provide Poles with greater access to the housing market and support the activity of Polish companies, both domestically and internationally.

Idea 3W

Idea 3W is a new initiative by Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego.

The project aims to support the worlds of science and business in the development of modern technologies applied in industry, energy and medicine.

The three resources – water, hydrogen and coal – used appropriately will change the Polish economy into a more innovative and competitive one. 3W is a long-term project to activate society, business, science and government. 3W is an action for sustainable development of the economy and society.

Community partners

The Sterling Angels Association brings together about 60 Business Angels actively supporting startups with investment capital and “Smart Money”. For 3 years we have been supporting the most promising projects at the early stages of development. Members joining the Association receive access to the influential community of Business Angels and pre-verified projects. They also develop their business and investment competences during numerous meetings connecting the startup ecosystem.

Silesian Startup Foundation – a non-profit organization with a mission to strengthen the foundations of the startup ecosystem in Silesia, Poland, by initiating or co-organizing activities (events, workshops or training) that enable deepening cooperation between various participants of the regional startup ecosystem and strengthening the position of the Silesian ecosystem on the innovative map of the world.

co.brick – a startup house from Gliwice, Poland that becomes a partner for startups developing SaaS products. The company proviedes technology and business services as well as advice, knowledge and practical support needed to create and scale innovative products in the cloud-native environment. co.brick is also strongly involved in developing a startup ecosystem in Silesia, Poland, by co-organizing innovation-related initiatives.

Satus Starter is a venture capital fund established in cooperation with PFR Ventures. The total size of the fund is PLN 50 million and the maximum investment in one project is PLN 4 million. Our goal is to invest in innovative companies at an early stage of development. With our expertise, experience, and contacts, we aim to provide start-ups with ‘smart money’ to significantly increase their chances of commercial success. We invest in the following industries: AI & Big Data, SaaS, AR & VR, IoT, FinTech, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, Marketplace.

COBIN Angels is a club of individual investors (business angels) established in 2015 in Warsaw and is the largest such network in Poland. It is committed to the development of companies (startups) with high growth potential, with a particular focus on projects in the technology and innovation sectors.

Polish Angels is an educational and networking platform created by experienced business angels to raise awareness and knowledge about investing in startups. The platform connects people who are starting to build a startup portfolio with experienced market experts and investors. The educational content is also aimed at members of the startup ecosystem and founders who want to better understand the principles behind business angels and the opportunities for building partnerships with private market investors. Meet Polish Angels and learn how to invest in startups: www.polishangels.pl

REGULATIONS of the "3W Nano Start-up Challenge" - document binding until August 31, 2023

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