InterNanoPoland 2023

YEAR 2023

The InterNanoPoland 2023 international conference took place on October 11-12, 2023, catering to enthusiasts of nanotechnology and broadly understood material engineering; entrepreneurs, scientists, business environment organizations, and students. The seventh edition of the InterNanoPoland 2023 conference showcased the latest achievements in the world of nanotechnology in both science and industry. The discussion panels addressed topics related to the commercialization of research and the significance of the 3W Idea for the development of a modern economy. During the thematic panels, conference participants had the opportunity to listen to presentations by scientists and companies in the nanotechnology industry. The keynote lecture was delivered by Dr. Jarosław Piekarski from the National Contact Points for Horizon Europe, an expert on EU perspectives in research and innovation in advanced materials, and Prof. Rafael Luque from King Saud University in Spain.

InterNanoPoland 2023 provided a space for dialogue between the world of science and business. The 2023 edition was held entirely in a stationary format at the Novotel hotel in Katowice.

The seventh edition of InterNanoPoland featured:

  • 209 participants from Poland and abroad
  • 30 companies from the nanotechnology and advanced materials industry
  • 20 scientific and research units
  • Representatives from 13 countries
  • 5 thematic panels, 2 discussion panels, and 2 plenary lectures
  • 45 posters participating in the poster session
  • 10 startups in the final of the 3W Nano Startup Challenge
  • 1 B2B session for conference participants
  • 1 networking gala celebrating the 15th anniversary of the InterNanoPoland Foundation and the 10th anniversary of the Silesian NANO Cluster

The main organizers of the event were the NANONET Foundation for the Support of Nanosciences and Nanotechnology and the Silesian Nano Cluster, a National Key Cluster whose mission is to create a platform for cooperation between entrepreneurs, scientific institutions, public administration, and business support organizations to increase the significance of nanotechnology in shaping the future innovative economic dimension in Silesia and Poland.

The City of Katowice co-hosted the InterNanoPoland conference, with the following units as partners for the thematic panels:

Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego – Main Partner

  • NanoBreakthrough: nanotechnology innovations in the water, carbon, and hydrogen sectors (3W)

Silesian University of Technology, Center for Organic Electronics and Nanohybrids

  • Organic, Carbon, and Hybrid Nanoelectronics

University of Silesia in Katowice

  • Research and application of nanomaterials
  • Functional nanomaterials

Łukasiewicz – Institute of Electrical Engineering

  • Nanotechnology vs Energy Transformation

NANONET Foundation, together with Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego and Idea 3W, organized two events during InterNanoPoland 2023:

  • The 3W nano Start-Up Challenge for innovative startups and research teams. The competition aimed to select the best entities undertaking startup ventures and research in the 3W area – water, hydrogen, carbon. The main prize was a cash award, while special prizes included tickets to the III 3W Congress and the opportunity to participate in the validation process and receive a certificate from Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego, Idea 3W. The winners of the competition were:

🥇 First place, prize of 30,000 PLN – ECG T-shirt with carbon nanotube nanotextronics

🥈 Second place, prize of 20,000 PLN – HydroHub

🥉 Third place, prize of 10,000 PLN – HIPERH2

  • B2B session for conference participants with VC funds, business angels, entrepreneurs, local government officials, and representatives of the scientific world.

Additionally, on October 11, after the conference, there was a ceremonial gala celebrating the 15th anniversary of the Nanonet Foundation and the 10th anniversary of the Silesian Nano Cluster. During the gala, acknowledgments and certificates were presented to our Patrons and Cluster Members.

InterNanoPoland 2023 enabled the internationalization of the Polish nano sector and the presentation of the potential of Polish companies and research units against European and global competition. The conference contributed to creating links between business and science and defining new development trends in the industry.

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